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Integrity Referrals

Integrity Referrals encourages referral activity between members.
Provides an Affiliate System for Members:
On Integrity Yellow Pages Directory
On Your Website
Integrity Members Help You Sell!
Most Active Referrers can Win
Referral tracking will be a feature of some Integrity Membership Levels.

Integrity Yellow Pages

Integrity Yellow Pages is the central business directory for our members.

It features:

Your Company’s Brand & Message, Fully Editable

Your Location, with Google Map

User-Generated Reviews

Social Media Integration

Links Back to Your Website

Integrity Yellow Pages is a core feature of all
Integrity Chamber of Commerce Membership Levels.

Integrity Workforce

Integrity Workforce is a Job Listing Service for Integrity Members.

It features:

Works with Integrity Yellow Pages

Provides Job Listings

Structured Data for Effective Presentations

Targets Employees with Integrity In Mind

Integrity Workforce is a Core Feature of Integrity Chamber of Commerce Membership Levels.

Integrity Industry

Integrity Industry Pages are Industry Vertical Business Directories Features the flowing:

Changes to Integrity Yellow Pages automatically update your Industry Pages.Your Company’s Brand & Message, Fully Editable.Your Location, with Google Map.User-Generated Reviews.Social Media Integration.Links Back to Your Website.Creates Web Traffic and Back-Links for SEO. Creates a Positive.Comparison with Competitors through the Integrity Badge.Members are included in as many Industry Pages as apply.Integrity Industry Pages are a feature core feature of all Integrity Chamber of Commerce Membership Levels. Platinum Members may also run banner ads on directories.

Integrity Chamber of Commerce Benefits

Integrity co-branding with like-minded businesses
Immediate recognition by customers of your commitment to Integrity
Customers expect more, and so return more, refer more and buy more
Fellow Integrity Businesses refer to, and buy from each other
Directories drive traffic to your web site
Referral system tracks internet traffic to and from websites, email, social media


Building Websites

We can build a website or improve the one you have.
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I love all the work Integrity Chamber has done for my business. Their expertise helped my client list triple in a very short time. Their knowledge of building websites, business techniques, connections and how involved in the community they are really made a difference to my business and to me personally. I highly recommend them 100% !

Ricky T. Corleone Developer@yahoo.com

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John Doe CEO@google.com

Who we are?

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It started with an idea: Expect Integrity!
We all feel the same frustration when businesses large and small seem to offer us something we need or want, only to find the actual experience feels like every offer is a bait & switch, every contract full of fine print exceptions, and every purchase has hidden fees and costs.
The fact is, we’ve all learned NOT to Expect Integrity.
But what if there were a group of businesses that would commit, not just to operating with Integrity, but also to networking with others like them, purchasing from and referring within this Integrity network?
What if the “Expect Integrity” message worked to enhance the brand of local businesses, in offices, stores and online so businesses participating could expect higher quality customers, and find higher quality employees?
And, what if these businesses worked together to create better marketing and business practices for themselves and for their industries?
Then you’d have the Integrity Chamber of Commerce.

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Email marketing, improve your traffic and build solid referrals and promote you in hundreds on our webpages.

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We intend to have several events soon. If you want to stay inform, contact us at: https://www.integritychamber.org/Home/Contact We will be glad to let you know.

We Build and Maintain Websites

We are so happy to announce that we build and maintain websites for affordable price. Just give us a call, or come visit. We will be so happy to help!